March 16, 2019

Self Adhesive Labels

Self-adhesive labels are designed to be the most quick and simple labels to use. With a removable backing, the labels are simply stuck directly onto the product or surface that you want. Because they are quick and easy to use, self-adhesive labels are incredibly diverse. At KTPIL, we supply a range of self-adhesive labels to a range of diverse industries and uses, including clothing, food labels, logistics or warehousing, pharmaceutical, automotive and bottle labels. The labels can be customised and made from an extensive range of materials, including card, polypropylene, semi or full gloss, tamper-evident and satin substrates. Because most of these materials can be thermally printed, we can also print variable data onto each one, giving you complete customisation and control over your self-adhesive labels. Our self-adhesive labels are:
  • High quality.With over 28 years of experience with self-adhesive label printing at KTPIL, we believe in providing only the best. Our self-adhesive labels are made to the highest quality and won’t let your business down.
  • Customisable. Self-adhesive labels are incredibly versatile, making them perfect for a different number of uses. The labels can be printed on a variety of materials and configured with variable data, making sure they’re the perfect match for your business.
  • Easy to use.The biggest benefit of self-adhesive labels is that they’re incredibly easy to use. Simply peel off the removable backing and stick the label directly onto the product or surface for a perfect application, every single time

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At KTPIL, there’s no order too large or small. Using a diverse supply of materials, our comprehensive printing service can expertly create any label. Paired with our own in-house design team, we work with your business to create the perfect label that not only fills its function but fits your branding and the image of your business. We also supply a range of printers and software allowing you to print your own labels as and when you want them. Using our services, we provide your perfect self-adhesive label solution.