March 15, 2019


As a brand owner, you have plenty to worry about. Counterfeiting is menace for brand owners and Government authorities. In over a decade the problem has expanded rapidly and is now not limited to luxury goods and developed economies. Over the years, in order to prevent counterfeiting from plaguing their business, brand owners started using authentication solutions. With the availability of various authentication solutions, companies and Government authorities are facing problem in selection of a specific authentication solution as the adoption of any given solution is a complex question involving issues, amongst others, of cost, compatibility, feasibility and reliability, and there are divergent views on which technologies should be adopted and the timing for their adoption.

We are listing few article and report which could be beneficial for you in identify right Authentication Solutions for your needs.

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How can technology help to fight counterfeits?

United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute,
Ensuring Supply Chain Security: The Role of Anti-Counterfeiting Technologies

The Authentication Times,
Overview Authentication Technologies

The Authentication Times,
Steps to identify authentication solutions to fight counterfeiting